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6 Week Challenge


The 6 Week Challenge is starting soon and it's all about getting back to you! The challenge runs Sunday, Jan 13th through Tuesday, Feb 26th. (You can start as late as Weds, Jan 16th.) Enjoy fast and fun weight loss with expert guidance by certified personal trainers!

Are you looking to lose inches? Get more defined? Learn healthy habits you can use for life?

  • Wall charts with gold stars, just like kindergarten!

  • Weekly challenges and prizes!

  • Goal setting/strategy workshops for your success

  • Weekly tastings, nutritional workshops, and guest speakers

  • Safe, fun & effective workouts with expert nutritional guidance

  • Top 10 finalists get a HIT T-Shirt

  • Online access to Zen and the HIT trainers via a private Facebook group - stay accountable and get guidance even when you are not at the gym!



More Information


  • This 6-Week Challenge is open to all members and non-members.

  • A $59 fee is required to participate for members.*

  • Non-Members can participate and receive unlimited training during the 6 weeks for $299 total. Includes a goal-setting workshop ($25 value), a mid-point personal consultation with a certified trainer ($99 value), and waives the regular $49 registration fee.


Participants must come in to take "before" pictures, measurements and weigh-in with front desk staff from Sunday, Jan 13th - Wednesday, Jan 16th.  These will be your "Day 1" measurements. You may come in during any scheduled session on these dates. 

You’re invited to attend any of the goal-setting workshops to help you create a strategy for your success. Bring your phone, notebook and pen:

  • Sunday, Jan 13th at 10am

  • Sunday Jan 13th at 3pm

  • Monday Jan 14th at 8pm

You’ll schedule out your workouts for six weeks. We recommend 3x weekly but you may come as often as you like. Zen Burgos, owner of The HIT Locker and celebrity trainer from Bravo TV’s WORKOUT, will consult with you personally at your halfway point and make sure you’re on track — or find a different strategy for your success.

"After" pictures, measurements, weigh-in and a short recap (3-4 sentences) about your experience must be completed and submitted by Feb 26th during scheduled session times to be eligible for prizes.

The overall winner will be determined by HIT staff based on weight loss, definition, body fat, muscle gained, inches gained or lost and experience recap. The winner will be announced at the end of the 6-Week Challenge. Participants must be 18 years or older. 


*"Member" is defined as anyone with an active monthly membership during the entire duration of the 6-Week Challenge. Current members receive their current number of sessions monthly per their membership (1x week, 2x week or unlimited.) Current members may bump up membership to unlimited monthly membership. (Just ask front desk to help you upgrade.)  All other participants are considered non-members. No other offers or discounts may be applied to the 6-Week Challenge.

Six weeks ago, we showed up for our first-ever HIT workout as part of the six-week challenge, not knowing what to expect and feeling a bit out of place.  I was nervous about what I would be able to do and wary of getting hurt (as has happened each time I’ve worked up the energy to “get back in shape” over the last seven years or so), but also super excited at the prospect of finally DOING something.  I had come to a turning point in my life; after several hard years trying to balance transitioning from the badass warrior-ethos ingrained culture that defined my life as a U.S. Marine in fit, fighting shape- to a mom of three under four years old, pregnant, breastfeeding or both for five straight years.  My body, which gave life and sustained my babies, was my last priority.  Both the baggage from my previous life and the pounds, all the pounds, just piled on. 

The turning point for me has been a long time coming, more like a semi-truck navigating a crowded intersection than a simple, sharp pivot.  All of me, not just my head, had to get on board with living intentionally.  I was so drained, so physically and emotionally exhausted and disgusted with how low a point I had reached, that I began to desperately seek a way out.  I needed to pull a rip cord and bail from all the negatives dragging me under, to get away from myself.  I started searching.  Seemingly out of the blue came Zen’s post and as soon as I read the details I knew I was doing it.  My sister was actually sitting next to me, and immediately said to something to the effect of “Oh heck yes!”  We told our other sister and the three of us went the very next day and signed up.  I know, I know, this statement should have only been four sentences, but this back story has to be told in order to effectively communicate what I want to say next.    

From that first HIT workout to the end of these six weeks, the HIT Locker has provided a haven of positive energy, guidance, non-judgmental and super welcoming, butt-kicking, confidence-building peace.  I started the challenge without the confidence to do a single jumping jack, and this week I was banging them out by the dozens!  I have a long way to go, and every day is another step toward a stronger, happier, better version of the person I need to be as a mom, wife, sister, friend, and person.  You guys have given me the tools to take action, to do something, to live intentionally.  I can honestly say - thanks to these six weeks and all of you, I have my life back!  I’m gunning for some big improvements, and I can’t wait to keep them coming. THANK YOU HIT LOCKER!  - HR Woods


Q: What type of results should I expect?
Of course your results can very but common results during a challenge include: •Tighter stomach, thighs, and arms • Getting stronger and moving better • Increased energy all day long • Better sleep • Decreased pain • Improved strength and endurance • Clothes fitting better • Increased confidence • Feeling proud because you’ve finally done something for your fitness

Q: Who is this challenge for?
This program is for busy folks who are tired of the way they look and feel -- and tired of not getting results with their current routine.  If you are nervous about starting and needing the guidance of a coach and a program that will meet you where you are now -- then this program is for you.

Q: What if I haven’t exercised in years and I’m out of shape?
You don’t have to be in shape to get in shape! This program is for all levels of fitness as long as you aren’t afraid of a little hard work. Our trainers will help you pace yourself in every session, and we will modify for all ability levels.

We don’t follow the “no pain – no gain” mentality. We understand that your life does not revolve around your workouts and that some days you’ll feel better than others.  Our goal is not to beat you up with exercise, but help you leave feeling better than when you came.

Q: I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, can I still join the challenge?
Yes! You certainly can! You don’t have to have a lot of weight to lose to participate in this challenge. We all need a jump start and can use the support of a challenge to break through a plateau or just have the extra guidance, accountability, and camaraderie at The HIT Locker to get to your goals. Plus, there are other fun challenges so all participants have a chance of winning even if you don’t have a lot of weight to lose.

Q: What does this program include? 
Unlimited Access to Training Sessions • Nutrition Coaching • Judgement-Free, Supportive Community • Trainers who are 100% invested in your success • Tasting sessions • Guest speakers

Q: What happens after the program?
Obviously, everyone should be working out beyond 6 weeks! If you find the program to be a good fit for your goals and would like to continue training with us after the 6-Week Challenge, we will have membership options available for you. Our most successful clients train with us year-round.

Q: This program sounds great. How do I get started?
Simply click the button below! Because we are not a big corporate gym and we want to make sure each and every person who we work with gets the individual attention they need to reach his/her goals, space is limited, so register today.