Melt Fat. Save Your Knees.



1x Week (4 sessions/month)

Month-to-month - $89/mo
4-month contract - $79/mo
12-month contract - $59/mo

2x Week (8 sessions/month)

Month-to-month - $139/mo
4-month contract - $129/mo
12-month contract - $109/mo

Unlimited Monthly

Month-to-month - $199/mo
4-month contract - $149/mo
12-month contract - $129/mo**

** Best value. If you work out with us every other day, this price is about $8.50 per session. 

Seniors, military, police, fire, teachers and students receive a 15% discount. Must show current ID to the front desk. Discounts can not be combined.

All new members pay a one time registration fee of $49 which includes a one-on-one strategy session with a trainer.


YOUR CARD IS AUTOMATICALLY BILLED EVERY MONTH on the sale date. See contract for terms. If you are month-to-month, you must contact us 10 days prior to the billing date via email info@thehitlocker.com if you wish to cancel. Anyone with a 4-month or 12-month membership may not cancel prior to contract completion. 


One-On-One Consultations and Personal Training

Private coaching sessions with customized strategies are created just for you by Zen and her expert team of experienced certified personal trainers. Half-hour and one hour sessions available. After you purchase a session, your trainer will contact you via email or text to coordinate scheduling. If you can not coordinate schedules, you will be refunded. After a session has been scheduled and confirmed, all cancelations must be made at least 24-hours in advance or you will forfeit your session fee. 

Zen - $59 half hour, $99 one hour, 10 one-hour sessions for $899

Dan - $49 half hour, $79 one hour, 10 one-hour sessions for $699

Josh - $49 half hour, $79 one hour, 10 one-hour sessions for $699

Holly - $49 half hour, $79 one hour, 10 one-hour sessions for $699

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started with HIT?

A: Sign up for your first session for FREE to see how you like it. Try any of the 30+ weekly sessions offered. Wear comfortable workout clothes and bring a towel, water and gym shoes. Come into HIT at least 10 minutes before your first session so the front desk can get you all signed up and the trainer can ask you about any injuries or concerns you have. Click here for this week's schedule.

Q: What is a HIT session like?

A: The HIT Locker is the only easy-on-the-knees group training facility in La Grange. You'll be doing hills, sprints and simulated runs on an elliptical machine as well as strength training segments using free weights and suspension trainers. And we encourage you to take breaks any time you need. As you get more conditioned, you'll take fewer breaks. EVERY time you come in for a workout, your trainer will ask you what you ate and help you stay on track with nutritional suggestions and diet damage control strategies. (We love pizza, too, and can show you how to eat the foods you love and still lose extra body fat!)

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: The average weight loss at The HIT Locker is 2 inches off the belly in 30 days. Our 6-Week Challenge winners have lost up to 21 pounds and 10% body fat. 


1 x week

(4 sessions per month)



2 x week

(8 sessions per month)




best value